About Us


The Purple Door Wellness Center is a faith-based initiative specializing in counseling in the areas of prevention of teenage pregnancies, marriage, family, personal trauma and addictions.  The Purple Door Wellness Center Inc., serves the Essex , Union and Middlesex counties in New Jersey, New York City and Brooklyn, New York.  For over 15 years, Dr. Yvonne Bennett PhD., as a licensed  Professional Christian Counselor Clinical Therapist, has been providing counseling in the U.S.  The center has served as an oasis for hundreds of individuals and their families.  The wellness center is the only center of its kind within this targeted community.

 The Purple Door Wellness Center, Inc.,  is committed to equip individuals in need of help, with the confidence and knowledge to proactively address their inner pain and move to a place where their past hurts no longer dictate their future wellness.  In essence, the participants will begin to lead a life of positive achievement and self-sufficiency with a consistent self-esteem.

The Purple Door Wellness Center, Inc.